by Anika Elias '19

Praying for Paris

On November 13, 2015, there multiple coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in Paris hotspots.  ISIS has reportedly been behind the bombings carried out by a total of eight terrorists. Seven were armed with explosive belts, but all eight reportedly carried large machine guns. As of November 14,  the death toll stands at 128. Approximately 350 people have been injured, 99 of which are currently in critical condition.

“We are now truly facing an unknown and historic situation in Paris,” Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman said, remarking on the French President’s announcement of an emergency state last night.

The largest massacre occurred at 9:20 pm when four armed men entered the Bataclan Concert Hall. “The show was about to end, and suddenly we heard gunshots coming behind us,” witness Julien Pearce said. 112 people were killed in the theater after being held hostage for multiple hours.

There were also two explosions by the Stade de France during a German and French soccer match. Four were killed, more injured.  Those watching the game fled onto the field in terror. Fourteen more people were killed La Petit Cambodge, a restaurant in the general neighborhood of the previous Charlie Hebdo attack.  

“I was eating at a restaurant with a friend of mine. All of a sudden, we heard huge gunshots and lots of glass coming through the window,” diner Charlotte Brehaut said.  Another nineteen were killed at popular bar La Belle Equipe. The death toll increases hourly.

But what happens now? France’s President, François Hollande, has issued a three day mourning period. During this time, 1,500 military troops will be patrolling France. A memorial mass will be held at Notre Dame cathedral on Sunday night. ISIS has made a statement saying the motive behind the attack was to respond to France’s campaign against Islam’s prophet, Muhammad. Due to this, American officials assure the citizens that we will not be attacked as well. However, Pope Francis has issued a statement saying this is ‘a piecemeal to the Third World War’.