Thirst no more!

Congratulations Elms girls! You have asked, so Coalition and the staff have delivered. Due to pleas for water bottle availability throughout the day, the faculty and coalition leaders have come to a decision. Students are now allowed to carry water to all classes, even on the previously forbidden carpeted areas. Hu-zah!

HOWEVER! there are some rules that must be followed in order for this policy to be continued:

To further the Social Action Club's efforts to focus on sustainability during this school year, they ask that you carry your water around in reusable bottles. Regular, plastic water bottles are forbidden and may result in immediate expulsion -- okay maybe not, but you certainly will not be looked upon kindly by teachers and the Social Action Club officers. These types of bottles may actually be purchased in our super convenient spirit shop for a fair price. So now you can mix school pride with your need for water -- Win/Win! 

Also, please only carry water (the lovely and refreshing two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded with one oxygen atom) in your bottle. Water is much easier to clean up off the carpets and floors, and noncompliance will result in the removal of this awesome new rule.

Thank you so much and enjoy!